A few days after announcing its toy tie-ins for Avengers: Endgame, Funko is back this week this time releasing info for Marvel Studios’ other highly anticipated film of the summer Spider-Man: Far From Home. Those hoping for a better glimpse of Jake Gyllenhaal sporting Mystrio’s trademark dome glass helmet. Additionally, as hinted in previously leaked images the “Elemental” villains seen in the trailers are in fact a different take from classic Spidey villains Hydro-Man and Molten Man.
No official release date yet. Check them out below—
Join Spider-Man on his quest to keep the world safe and write in style with heroic pen toppers including Spider-Man wearing his hero suit, Spider-Man wearing his stealth suit and the impenetrable Mysterio.

Bling out your keychain with a Pop! Keychain Mysterio.

Bring home most of the cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home with Mystery Minis including Spider-Man in his stealth suit unmasked, Mary Jane with a mace, Nick Fury, Spider-Man in a new suit, Ned, Mary Jane, Peter Parker, Hydro-Man, Mysterio, Spider-Man in his stealth suit and Spider-Man in his hero suit. 

GameStop exclusive Mystery Minis include Mysterio, Spider-Man in a stealth suit with goggles up, and Molten Man.

Walmart exclusive Mystery Minis include Mysterio unmasked, Spider-Man, and Hydro-Man with a paint variant.

Complete your Spider-Man collection with Pop! Mysterio, Pop! Hydro-Man, Pop! Molten Man looking fiery.
Glow in the dark Pop! Molten Man is a GameStop exclusive.

Glow in the dark Pop! Hydro-Man is a Barnes and Noble exclusive.

An unmasked Pop! Mysterio is a Hot Topic exclusive.

Glow in the dark Pop! Mysterio is a Walmart Exclusive.


  1. I hope (and I’m sure it won’t happen) that the action figures are of good quality. A lot of them look cheap and not bendable.

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