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Christopher Meloni to star in HAPPY! television adaptation


With a pilot for Happy! deep into development, Syfy will be the first network (or really any studio at all) to bring the work of Grant Morrison to live action.

Now, the pilot has its star, as Christopher Meloni (Man of Steel, True Blood, and of course Wet Hot American Summer) will step into the role of Nick Sax, a former hot shot detective that falls down on his luck and has to become a killer for hire, with a healthy dose of vices on the side. When a job goes awry, his perception is altered by the appearance of a flying miniature, cartoon-like blue horse.

Happy! will, of course, be based off the Image comics series of the same name by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson.

The pilot is co-written by Morrison and Brian Taylor (co-director of the Crank series and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance), with Taylor hopping behind the camera to direct as well.

Could it get picked up for a full series? We’ll see! Things are off to a promising start, especially with Syfy in sore need of another critical smash in these post-Battlestar Galactica days.


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