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Chris Pitzer's art stolen during BCGF


The mostly triumphal (photos to come) Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival was marred for one indie comics stalwart when AdHouse publisher Chris Pitzer’s car was broken into and several art items stolen. The complete list is in the link — as Pitzer notes, it’s kind of unlikely that that thief was much interested in the art, but there is a reward for its return.

From reading the item it sounds like the car was broken into while parked at the hotel the Pitzers were staying at, which most people would think was a pretty secure place, alas. We kind of take New York as a playground for granted, but it’s s sad reminder that in these tough times people are increasingly desperate.

Please take a minute to look at the stolen items list.

  1. Thanks for the coverage.

    I did some research last night, and now I know how to break into my own car. The details make me think this was a pretty professional job.

    I’m hoping to get the video footage at some point too.

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