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Chloe Moretz joins goth squad as Emily the Strange


Young Chloe Moretz is adding to her geek cred by starring as yet another cartoon character, Emily the Strange, Deadline reports. Originally created as a clothing line mascot by Rob Reger, Emily is a cat-loving goth girl (like there is any other kind) who had expanded into print and graphic novels. An Emily comic is published by Dark Horse, and DH head Mike Richardson will be one of the producers.

Moretz created a screen icon with her portrayal of Hit Girl in KICK-ASS, and is adding to her bio with a role in the vampire film LET ME IN, and an upcoming starring role in (!) Martin Scorsese’s HUGO CABRET movie. However, we suspect that like Winona Ryder before her, playing a mopey teen with long dark hair will give her an even more rapid fan base.

  1. So did the fact that Emily looks cribbed from Rosamond from Nate the Great, a kid’s book ever get resolved? At least the fact that Rob Reger’s act of creation was acquiring another artist’s work (who may have been the one doing the cribbing) should be mentioned.

  2. Thanks SKFK, but that seems to be a press release from, arguably, the offending party. Would be nice to see follow-up from blogs which reported on the offense in the first place.

  3. It’s a press release that also includes quotes from the (arguably) injured party. Given that it’s been released more than a year ago, and there doesn’t appear to be any contrary statement from the creators of Nate The Great to date, I would think that it’s probably safe to consider this matter resolved as written in the press release.

    I agree that it would be nice to read further articles about the resolution agreement from the sites that originally wrote about the similarities between the characters, but it’s up to the original bloggers themselves whether they want to write such articles or not. I guess it’s not as much fun to write about an out-of-court settlement in these matters, compared to a potential legal battle that could drag on for months and attract readers who cheer on from both sides of the conflict.

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