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Chitter chatter: The ComixTalk 2010 Roundtable


Very knowledgeable webcomics folk Xaviar Xerexes, Brigid Alverson, Larry Cruz, Lauren Davis, Brian Heater, Rick Marshall, Gary Tyrrell and, inexplicably, The Beat gather together to look at the present and future of the digital comics medium.  

Tyrrell: Most important thing? Stop pissing off the customers. The stories of vaults and retroactive embargoes have made me wonder if the publishers get digital in the least — comiXology, I think they understand, but they’re just the technological enabler. I think the business decisions of the publishers are going to have to see about five years worth of improvement on the sophistication scale in the next six months if they really want this to be as seamless an experience as reading a dead-tree comic.

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