612005S Grant Park Chicago
Despite being sick as a dog, The Beat and crew have made it to Chicago! If the flu didn’t kill us, the red hot at Johnnie’s Beef would have, but we’re sort of back in the saddle. At the moment, we’re off to the Diamond Retailer Summit, where people will probably talk about the internet. We’ll post some news in between sessions.


  1. Welcome, Heidi!

    Be sure to swing by our Iron Artist event on Saturday from 6 to 8 to see Jill Thompson, Jeff Brown, Raina Telgemeier and more going head-to-head on stage for artistic supremacy!

    And raise money for Reading With Pictures, of course…

  2. Welcome to Chicago. We hope you enjoy the uncharacteristically warm weather and brace yourselves for when the temperatures inevitably drop (or fair city’s weather is schitzo like that)

  3. Can’t wait to get there my ownself!!! Having had to miss Mid-Ohio-Con for the past few years this will be my 1st Comic Con in quite some time so looking very much forward to it. (and I’m in the “1st 100” group to boot!)

  4. Just so you know, your Twitter feed shows “31 days ago” for the DR Summit.

    Since all Twitters will be archived at the Library of Congress for posterity, you may wish to correct that time stamp.

    I just finished my taxes, so I’ll saunter over to Millennium Park and enjoy the weather.

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