Checker Books is back (?) with The Winsor McCay Project


Back in the day Checker Books was a company that specialized in reprinting old comic strips and books, including a bunchy of Winsor McCay comics. Run by Mark Christopher Thompson, the company kind of faded away after a dispute with Diamond, although Thompson later teamed up with the relaunched Devil’s Due. Well, they’re back, sorta with a kickstarter for The Winsor McCay Project , a second crack at funding a two volume reprint of McCay’s great Little Nemo.

Checker Books’ production values were sometimes not awesome, but they did offer affordable reprints at a time when those weren’t hat common,. NOw, of course, high end deluxe reprints are all the age, bur if you can’t afford Sunday Press Books’ $220 Nemo reprints, this could be a viable option. (There’s also an OOP Fantagrahpics reprint series.) Anyway, I’m not vouching for this being the best ever reprint of LIttle Nemo, but if you want to fund the project and preorder a copy, there it is.

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