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Check in on the Wilson’s in the DEADPOOL: TIL DEATH DO US… 6-Issue Crossover


Back in 2014, Deadpool got hitched in the pages of his own comic, Deadpool #27, an aspect of continuity that can be a little too easy to forget at times. Unfortunately, things aren’t looking up for Deadpool’s marriage to Shiklah and Marvel seem to be teasing divorce or even… death for the duo?

The story starts this March in the pages of Deadpool #28 with writer Gerry Duggan (Batman: Arkham Manor) and artist Salvador Espin (Deadpool & the Mercs for Money) before crossing over into Spider-Man/Deadpool #15 written by Joshua Corin (Deadpool: Too Soon?) with art by Scott Koblish (The Flash) and Deadpool and the Mercs for Money #9 written by Christopher Hastings (Longshot Saves the Marvel Universe) and drawn by Iban Coello (Batman Beyond Universe) continuing in the series’ April issues. The two sets of interlocking covers for the series (the first can be seen above) are illustrated by Reilly Brown (Slapstick) and Jim Charalampidis (Avengers Academy).

Gerry Duggan explained some of the groundwork to the series in a ComicBook.com interview:

At the end of a long series of incidents of poor behavior on both sides, Shiklah decides she’s had enough. Even though she is coming to terms with Deadpool not being a great husband, she is also beholden to her people, so this is very much an act of preservation in her mind for her kingdom. It also will force Deadpool to make some choices. Are you with the soft pink surface dwellers or are you with your wife and her citizens back down below?

After joining the Uncanny Avengers, Deadpool’s relationship with Shiklah the Queen of Monster Metropolis has been difficult to maintain. To make matters worse, Deadpool is in a literal war with Shiklah, as she is determined to fight against the surface world! ComicBook.com who broke the story even teased that Deadpool’s friends are going to get involved!

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