Somethiong we’re sure to read: brian Hibbs account of the first ComicsPRO meeting for retailersheld recently in scenic Las Vegas:

Since we needed to have elections, we reasoned, maybe it would be better to do them face-to-face. There were also a number of policy items (like “what constitutes a consensus of members? Do we need a quorum on all issue, or just a majority? What kind of majority?” that kind of thing) which are useful to face-to-face on.

So we decided to find a cheap meeting space in a cheap-to-get-to-town, and hold the meeting, and see if anyone would show up. I’m honest about that last bit, too – in the earliest parts of planning this we were seriously thinking we’d be lucky if we had twenty or thirty people showed up… including us!

We ended up with more than sixty retailer attendees, plus more than a dozen publishing and distribution representatives.

Not too bad for a fairly ad-hoc, late-to-start-the-planning (for example we wanted to notify publishers no later than Thanksgiving ’06, and I don’t think we really got started until after the first of the year in ’07) first meeting!