With comics periodical sales slogging along, many have said it’s time to throw things against the wall and see what sticks — Marvel is at least giving a nod towards this by announcing an event called VENGEANCE by Joe Casey and Nick Dragotta. Launching as a six-issue miniseries in July, VENGEANCE will take on the Marvel U’s bad guys in a fresh fashion, introducing both revamped versions of younger evil-doers along with classic Marvel villains.

“We’re going to the Sixth Dimension, Hitler’s Germany, an insane nightclub, and a homeless shelter,” Dragotta said—of the first eight pages.

“It’s not just any homeless shelter, people!” Casey said.

“The classic Marvel villains we’re using and where they are right now provides a throughline and a backdrop,” Casey said. “It really does drive the story, the evolution of these villains—Magneto’s a good guy now,” he added, citing a hypothetical young villain might be influenced by his idol’s turn. “That’s confusing to a young terrorist.” Meanwhile, some do-gooders may have a problem accepting Loki is “on the side of angels now.”

Casey joked, “I’ll give you every cliche: everything will change, nothing will be the same, marriages will end, people will be born, oceans will boil!”

Casey is of course, currently burning up the charts with the x-rated BUTCHER BAKER, the latest transgressive exploration of the superhero field from the writer. Dragotta is best known for previous work on things like THE AGE OF THE SENTRY and THE LOSERS.

The promo art, at least, looks as intriguing as you would expect something by Casey to be. So all you people reading this who say you want NEW ideas better buy tons of copies.

The event was presented in a rather weird liveblog, and we’re a bit weak on superhero stuff, but it seems to be new versions of Nighthawk, the In-Betweener, Stacy-X (created by Casey during his X-men run) and several Captain America-esque characters.













  1. Ben — I think Joe Casey like to make things weird! I found it a little hard to follow — but now that I think abot it – it ws better than the usual “He’s doing the best work of his career” quotes.