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Cartoonist arrested after assault on girlfriend


Cartoonist Kurt Wolfgang, whose real name is Kurt W. Holley, was arrested on Feb. 4 in Gainesville FL, and charged after attacking his girlfriend in a bathroom stall. (The article does not mention the exact charges but they involved resisting arrest, criminal mischief and other property damage related charges.)

Wolfgang is known for indie comics such as Where Hats Go, Nothing Eve and other comics. He was an instructor at SAW, the Gainesville based comics school, but has been banned from the school and related functions, according to their website:

We would like to inform our community here in Gainesville, as well as the larger comics community, that Kurt Wolfgang / Kurt Holley is no longer on the Sequential Artists Workshop faculty. Kurt is no longer allowed on school premises or to attend SAW functions.

The actions described in the police report are horrific. Violence against women cannot and must not be minimized or normalized. We hope his victim is able to find support and recover.

According to a story by Tom Spurgeon, there has been other incidents involving Wolfgang in the past. According to one report, in October he was arrested for blocking traffic while naked.


  1. In the 9-11 anthology, Harvey Pekar walks away from the burning towers, grimly saying, “I guess it doesn’t get any easier from now on.” Here, I feel like saying, “I guess it won’t make PINOKIO come any time sooner.” (Wolfgang’s 400-page graphic novel “in progress” since 2002…)

    – “Wolfgang is known for indie comics such as Where Hats Go, Nothing Eve”

    WHERE HATS GO was a sweet and great rom-com, but NOTHING EVE is unfinished as it was partially serialized in MOME and its completed collection listed in 2013 keeps getting pushed back. (Unless it went out digitally?)

    – “in October he was arrested for blocking traffic while naked”

    Not to excuse his behavior, but I have to wonder whether he’s shouldn’t be in a hospital before a tribunal? (It reminds me the latter years of the great Finnish writer Arto Paasilinna, who was arrested for such increasingly erratic behavior, before scans showed he was suffering from brain damage after undetected strokes.)

  2. You can easily refer to news articles written on this incident and the other incident you’re referring to by googling. You can also find the records of arrest and the charges, which are not correct in your article above.

  3. I’m crestfallen. I discovered Wolfgangs work in my teens as I was transitioning out of ‘Big 2 Comics’ and his work really spoke to me. This is so awful. I hope the woman in this story finds the support she needs.

  4. I’m a close friend of the victim. Kurt is a bipolar alcoholic sociopathic narcissist who refuses to acknowledge that he needs help. There are many more victims than this one woman, but one should be enough.

  5. Ugh, that’s so so awful, Steve. This must have been going on for a very long time. Fuck all of this. I keep going back to this article because, I don’t know, it’s so hard for me to believe as someone who was a fan and didn’t know him personally. Shit like this could be done by anyone though and it is so way beyond unforgivable..

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