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Cartooner eschews cons to spend time with kids


An article in USA Today about dads resisting work travel to spend more time with their kids spotlights artist Dave Dorman:

As a comic book illustrator who draws well-known Star Wars and G.I. Joe images, Dave Dorman is often asked by his publishers or clients to attend autograph-signing events.

But more than once, the 48-year-old father has turned down travel assignments so he could be home for special family events.

“Taking care of family has taken priority over business travel,” says Dorman, father of Jack, 2, adding that his own father was with the military and had to travel often. “Last year, there was a convention on Father’s Day, so I did not go to that. Jack is young and wouldn’t remember, but I would remember.”

Hooray for stay-at-home Dad artists!

[Thanks to Cully for the link.]

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