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Another tweak in the ongoing book distribution shifting: Cartoon Books, Jeff Smith’s company and publisher of the 1 Volume BONE and RASL books, is moving from Diamond Book Distributors to PGW.

The move affects only Cartoon Books’ returnable sales — direct sales will continue to be offered through Diamond Distribution.

Recently out from Cartoon Books: RASL POCKET EDITION #1, collecting issues 1-7 of the story of a dimension-jumping art thief. Good reading.

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  1. Hmmm…
    PGW once distributed Marvel and Viz back during the New Wave of comics (1980s). PGW has a few comics publishers, and lists about 70 graphic novels online.

    Toon Books
    Cartoon Books

    All have been publishing comics a long time (Toon Books’ legacy comes from Raw Magazine).

    Mark Thompson of Checker listed numerous concerns he had with Diamond. Are other Diamond clients noticing this as well?

    Or is it that traditional book publishers now know how to market graphic novels, and publishers are moving to companies which offer better services?