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Carla and Lance Hoffman badly injured in fire


Blog@Newsarama has a sad story about Carla Hoffman, part-time blogger and employee at Metro Entertainment in Santa Barbara, and her husband, Lance. The two suffered second- and third-degree burns over much of their bodies as they fled a freak flash fire. As revealed in an update, their home and belongings have also been completely destroyed. Lea Hernandez has some advice here, Ian Brill has some personal reflections on the Hoffmans, and our thoughts are certainly with them.

  1. Mills said. “Fire is an element of climate in California. The chaparral is like fuel. Up there, it’s not a matter of if it’s going to burn, but when.”

    There’s a reason why I like to live in New York.

  2. There’s a reason why I like to live in New York.

    Not to sound like a dick, but more people have been killed in New York terrorist attacks than in all the California brush fires in combined. Having lived in many different places, if found that most regions have certain unique aspects that pose a danger. In the plains, it’s tornadoes. In the gulf coast, it’s hurricanes. In southern California, it’s brush fires and earthquakes.

  3. indeed, michael, that comment speaks to people living in the hills more than just living in California. Tons of chaparral all over this town’s outskirts.

    very disheartening news; most of the people I know got away pretty easy (one couple I know lost a home), but until I read this piece, I hadn’t heard of anyone I know (albeit on a customer/vendor level) being injured. Thoughts & prayers.

  4. point taken Rick, but as far as I know, terrorism is not an element of climate in New York, but I’m sure we both wish everyone safety there.

    And jer, not really knowing the landscape of Cali too well, the parts that are in trouble, I hope it does not affect the rest of the state and the surrounding environs too much.

  5. I have known Carla since gradeschool, as she was my close friend throughout. She has an energy about her that is undeniable. Seeing her each week at our local comic book shop, Metro Entertainment, and getting her suggestion for the best stories out there is a highlight of my week. She has, quite literally, been influential in my development of what I call “myself”.
    If you’ve been touched by Carla or Lance, then you know how I feel about this news. For those who can help, a fund has been set up for them and any contribution will be helpful in rebuilding their lives. Thank you for your considerations. The information follows:

    The Lance and Carla Burn Fund
    Santa Barbara Bank and Trust
    1483 East Valley Road
    Montecito, CA 93108-1248

  6. I am Carla’s brother. I live in South San Francisco and commute to Orange, CA where the UCI Burn Center is. I just got back from visiting them yesterday, and I am happy to report that they are both out of danger and have begun the hard tasks of rehabilitation from both the smoke inhalation and burns. Burns require daily cleaning and the ‘hydrotherapy’ is taxing and painful. Carla is able to talk and is walking a little, and we hope that Lance is not far behind.

    Fortunately, UCI is a top facility and even the nursing staff has decades of burn treatment experience. As far as bad situations go, its the best it can be right now.

    So, at this time, anything that can be done to keep their morale up is vastly important. I have been out the comic world since high school (I am 42) so any help from the blogsphere would be most appreciated. Anyone know Stan Lee’s unlisted phone number?

    Carla has asked for updates on the following:

    Secret Invasion
    Dark Reign (Rain?)
    Final Crisis

    Iron Man
    The two new Thor books with Matt Fraction
    Man of War
    God Sized Thor

    If anyone can email me at jasonmccomb@hotmail.com with news or links on these subjects I would really appreciate it. I fly down again on Saturday and will share any well wishes, news or information that come my way.

    Thanks everyone for their prayers and support,

    Jason McComb

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