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Captain America sequel planned for April 4, 2014


Disney has made it official: The CAPTAIN AMERICA sequel will bow April 4, 2014. Chris Evans will reprise his role from CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER and THE AVENGERS. The second installment will pick up right where THE AVENGERS leaves off, as Steve Rogers struggles to find his place in the modern world while working with Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.

Here’s a new still of Evans as Cap from THE AVENGERS to prime the pump.

  1. I really liked the first movie, but a lot of my enjoyment was based on the 1940’s setting. Not sure how I’ll like him as just another modern superhero (even with the minor “fish-out-of-water” angle). We’ll see though. Evans was very good in the role.

  2. Yeah, I really enjoyed Captain America being based in the 40’s. I hated the ending scene was he was in the here and now.

    So we’ll see how a sequel goes – for me at least! ;)

  3. the 1940’s angle in the first movie was very well done, but as the story goes, cap does end up in modern times. if the “man displaced in time” angle is handled with humor and poignancy, it should work out just fine. as far as the direction of the film, there’s just so many places they can go. as mr.donaghe mentioned above, they can go with the falcon, or they can go with the winter soldier, sharon carter, the black panther, or even luke cage (man, would that be out of left field, but very cool). as far as villians, they could bring back the red skull (a pretty safe bet), or zemo, arim zola, the robotic sleepers, batroc, or even taskmaster (another left field choice, but man, would that be cool). so i guess we’ll see how it goes in 2014.

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