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Call for entries: BEA and MoCCA


Hey kids, next week is BookExpo America, the big book show of the year. As we’ve been reporting, there will be a diminished presence by many former floor-hogs, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t still going to be a busy, newsworthy show, and there will be much graphic-novel related activity. If you have some activity to promote, let us know! Please put BEA in subject line, so it gets properly filed.

The very next week is the annual MoCCA Festival. As many of our correspondents have been noting, information on the show at the MoCCA website is somewhat….sparse at the moment, with a list of last year’s exhibitors as a highlight. In fact, most of the public information about the show has been gleaned from the poster we previewed here a few weeks back. However, based on our email and conversations, there will be a ton of folks there, and a ton of books. So let’s get those MoCCA debuts rolling, shall we? Email blast us with art and info, but make sure you put MoCCA in the subject line.

  1. Looking at my calendar which was scanned from the BEA listings:

    Marvel/Diamond will be hosting quite a few authors, including Chris Claremont; First Second has a few creators as part of Macmillan; Fantagraphics has a group of table signings as well as booth signings; Andrews McMeel offers the traditional ticketed table signing of their cartoonists.

    2:30 PM on Saturday is “Hot Fall Graphic Novels for Libraries”

    Yup… Marvel has a strong presence at BEA, but DC is nowhere to be found (although there might be some sort of presence in the Random House zone).

    Sadly, I will not be attending MoCCA for the first time ever, as I will be on a tour of the Amalfi Coast. (Although I’m sure the catacombs of Naples will remind me of the narrow aisles…)

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