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C2E2014: “I’m Batman” Pop Quiz!


Oh no!  Batman’s dastardly diabolical villains have stolen the creator credits from DC’s Batman75 standee display at C2E2 in Chicago!

Can you identify the creator(s) who created each iconic portrait of the Caped Crusader before the show closes on Sunday, guaranteeing each gets the credit they deserve for making Batman such an iconic figure for 75 years?

Extra Credit: “Dark Knight Detective” achievement unlocked if you can identify the issue, story, page, panel where each image originally appeared!

Batman A and Batman B
Batman C and Batman D
Batman E and Batman F
Batman G and Batman H
Batman I and Batman J


  1. A-Jim Lee
    C- Bruce Timm (?)
    D – Jim Aparo
    H – Greg Capullo
    I – Neal Adams
    J – Frank Miller

    That’s all I got and I’m not even sure some of mine are right.

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