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C2E2 Photo Parade: The Good, The Bad, and The Cosplay


I try and try to be organized about taking pictures at shows, but I just can’t do it any more. Despite having nearly 200 pictures from the show, this is the best I could do. Next time, I’m getting a PRO!


My journey to salty meat began with this “salami sandwich” at the Eleven Diner. The pickle provides valuable fiber and nutrition.
A couple of random Englishmen and their native guide wander Radiant City.


More Skottie Young
Skottie Young is doing variant cover for INFINITY. As David Gabriel put it, “If they didn’t sell, we wouldn’t do it.”
Some of Jimmy Cheung’s art from INFINITY.
Diamond announced Toychest News–every issue is about Wolverine.
During setup one can see the big hole on the floor where DC Comics was supposed to have been.
As the con begins, I went to the DC Comics 101 panel and got this giant Violet Lantern ring. I would need to eat many, many salt meats before I swelled up enough for the ring to fit.
There was a LOT of security at the show, from bomb sniffing dogs to backpack searches. NO ONE complained.
A con first: attended a room party where there was a Slave Leia costume just sitting there waiting for….
Slave Leia wears briefs? I had no idea.
Great breakfast with Alpha Girl’s Amy Chu, ALA’s Tine Coleman, Marvel’s Ellie Pyle, everywhere’s Brigid Alverson, and MSU’s Carol Tilley.
The traditional cosplay on the steps photo. So many primary colors.

Everyone loves a purple droid.
This guy had a whole schtick, as you might imagine.
great Classic Catwoman!
Power Girl poses with pal.
One booth was selling eyeglasses covered with comic books.
The Joker
Parade of Fetts
Journalists unite! Brigid Alverson and Jill Pantozzi
Kristen Hacket and Melissa May as “Lady Thanos” and Dr. Strange
The Rocketeer
The Athleta Comics Booth—published by NFLer Israel Idonije– was full of giant people.
At every convention, at some point I think to myself, “I will talk through Artist Alley and take pictures of everyone as I chat.” Every time I make it about three tables before ADD sets in. See how far I made it at C2E2. Here’s Ryan Browne of GOD HATES ASTRONAUTS.
Yale Stewart creator of JL8.
Declan Shalvey, now on the Punisher. I had to crop our tablemate Jordie Bellaire who could not be photographed.
At the Athleta party, they had ice sculpture…
I took this picture of jumbo shrimp specifically for my friend Marc Patten and rank Patz.
….and a reading poster….
…and drinks that bubbled and smoked. I did not try this.
Another shot from the Athleta party.
The Hyatt bar including Green Hulk Fist on tap. Actually it was some kind of Galaxy Angel beer and it was great.
Lookouts creative team Ben McCool and Rob Mommaerts.


Marvel editor Jordan D. White heads into the X-Men panel with his trusty ukulele.

World’s biggest Chiapet?
For people who think Jennifer Lawrence was too big to play a starving teen, despite her height, this costume was tiny.
This booth has a display of costumes from THE HUNGER GAMES and raised money for a food bank.
Dunno what this is. A blue balloon and zombies.
THIS BOOK IS INCREDIBLE! A Beat feature is to come.
As the con wore down, I decided to only take pictures of myself and people with giant biceps. Ron Marz, myself and Israel Idonije
Continuing the bicep trend, I found Lisa Marie Varon, aka “Tara,” promoting her restaurant at the ComicMix booth. Whut? It was that kind of crazy world.



  1. On behalf of all those who could not attend the show….
    Love the photos. Thanks for 1. taking them and 2. posting them and 3. captioning them.

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