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C2E2 – Liveblogging the DC COMICS 101 Panel.


It’s C2E2.  Get ready to hit refresh.

Our Cast: Bob Harras, Bobbi Chase John Cunningham and our man Fletcher.

Man of Steel is coming out soon and they’re showing a trailer for it.

Harras says his favorite Superman villain is Brainiac.  Harras has love for Jor-El, who was in the first comic he read.

Chase’s favorite New 52 character is H’el.

New topic:  Free Comic Book Day

There’s a DC Super Sampler and a Zod-oriented Superman book to tie into the movie.

Arrow has been renewed and they’re showing a preview of a new episode.

New Topic: Injustice

They have a trailer for that show.

Yes, you might say this panel has been light on news.

Cunningham: they’re doing multiple printings of the print editions of the digital comic version of the Injustice comic.

Next: Smallville season 11.  They have a tpb of the digital comics.

Next: Teen Titans Go is in prime time.  Beware the Batman is coming up and… you guessed it, another trailer is being showed.

Beware the Batman will have more recent villains like Professor Pyg.

Next: pointing out some exclusives available for purchase at the Graffitti booth.

Next: Lego Batman The Movie – yes, it’s another trailer.

Looks like the whole Justice League is in the Lego film.

Next: Batman ’66.  They’re doing it.

Next: The Death in the Family HC.  The _1st_ printing will have the mask vs. face underneath format as the first issues in the monthlies.  But ONLY the first printing.

The Before Watchmen collections are coming in July and Cunningham described them as long-awaited.

DC will be giving away a backlist catalog.  Please note, unlike some publishers, DC _does_ keep a lot of tpbs in print.


Audience Q?s

Q: He’s mad about Young Justice being taken off the air.  Please tell the office they screwed it up.  What did you think about it?

A: (Cunningham) – everyone liked it, but perhaps not the best for Saturday morning.  He’d like to see it come back, perhaps in a different timeslot.

Q: He likes Vertigo characters coming into the mainstream.  Any chance of the darker characters in movies?

A: Plans in place, that’s the intent.  (But he can’t get into details.))

Q: He loves the Injustice video game. For Arrow – no super powers on the show this season.  Any super powers in season 2?

A: Harras “I would not rule it out.”  “A lot of talking going back and forth.”

Q:  Big fan of Green Lantern Animated and Young Justice — will Beware the Batman be 1-2 seasons and do something new?

A: That may be how they’re set up.

Q: What drove the change to Teen Titans Go?

A: NYC offices don’t see the whole process, but it sounded like it was a pitch they liked and/or going back to basics.

Q: Will the DC Nation shorts be released on DVD?

A: Retailers also asked about it.  The feedback will be passed on.

Q: What’s the future of Shazam/Captain Marvel, since he’s in the video games, etc.?

A: They’re first trying to make him work in the comics.  It’s moving towards an end and purpose.  Harras: “It will be leading to something pretty epic and it’s part of a long term plan.”

Q: Injustice has a darker version of Titans, Teen Titans Go is lighter.  Will this split the fans?

A: It’s a sign the properties are durable and can be used in a lot of different ways.

Q: News on a Justice League movie or Wonder Woman TV series?

A: “Watch this space.  It’s coming.”  It’s hinted it’s coming.

Q: Any more Wally West?

A: Throwing it to Harras: “Never say never.  Anything is possible.  And his name pops up a lot in meetings.”

Q: Teen Titans Judas Contract or Identity Crisis direct-to-DVD animated?

A: Maybe. (He said knowingly.)

Q: Any more plans for Brandon Routh as Superman?

A: He’s not aware of them.

Q: Any chance of a Billy Batson or Legion of Superhero shows on the CW.

A: Always a chance, but he hasn’t heard anything.

Q: Lego expanding beyond Superman/Batman?  Vertigo?

A: Lego’s quirky, but he hasn’t heard anything.

Q: Another game after Injustice?

A: There are more video games coming and he can’t talk about them.

Q: The extent of DC’s promoting Man of Steel?

A: FCBD, posters for jumping on point GNs, something else in stores they cant’ talk about yet.

Q: Pink Flamingo in Beware the Batman?

A: Always a chance.

Q: Any chance of Nightwing in Arrow?

A: There has been talk.

Q: Any more talk of a Fables TV show or movie?

A: “Yes.”

Q: He’s like to see more original digital content, since that’s where the chances are being taken.

A: Next.

Q: Is there any chance of a Crime Syndicate of America book?

A: “You asked this question about a month before you should be asking it.”

Q: He’s disappointed Young Justice is off the air. 1) Any chance it’s going to move to a different network? 2)He’s upset there’s no more Static.

A: Perhaps you should start a social media campaign about something like a Direct to DVD movie?

Q: Is there going to be a new writer for Static 52?

A: It’s a possibility.

Q: A solo book with pre-Flashpoint characters, especially Stephanie Brown?

A: No pre-Flashpoint.  Lots of dancing about in the “never say never” vein.

Q: Lots of Batman and Superman.  Is there going to be any Aquaman?

A: Geoff Johns is a big Aquaman fan, so just wait for it.

Aaaaaand, that’s the end.

As is often the case, the Q&A is more interesting than the presentation.  Lots of transmedia fans in the room at C2E2.



  1. That was amazingly light on comics. I know the media stuff makes more money, but isn’t it weird that the DC editors spend most of their time talking about movies and TV instead of the books they are working on?

  2. Todd – please clarify this:” Q: Injustice has a darker version of Titans, Teen Titans Go is lighter. Will this split the fans?

    Is this in reference to a tv show or the game?



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