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Buy Ventures; help the Gulf


It’s been a while since we wrote about The Venture Brothers, our favorite psychoanalytical adventure satire cartoon, but the show’s animatic editor, Thomas Bayne has organized an auction of Venture-related artwork, including storyboards, roughs, and so on, with all proceeds benefiting Colbert Nation’s Gulf of America Fund. Creator Jackson Publick writes:

Our overseas studio recently sent us some of the original layout and animation drawings from the production of the fourth season of The Venture Bros., and our kind-hearted animatic editor, Thomas Bayne, immediately got the bright idea to sell/auction some of them off to raise money for the Gulf Coast. He also managed to dig up some of the great Stephen DeStefano’s storyboard and design originals from previous seasons, and a few pieces of original art from the in-house production of The Venture Bros. pilot…just to spice things up.

This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of the show and help out a great and urgent cause–because all proceeds go to charity. So, if you love The Venture Bros., have some money to spare, and you hate when pelicans have oil all over them, please click on the image above and go place your bids! Also, be sure to keep checking back, because we keep finding more stuff.

So it’s a good cause and a rare opportunity to own a piece of one of the all-time cult cartoons. So, go Team Venture! Clean that pelican!

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