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Buy Steve Geppi’s house!


A Baltimore real estate section scrutinizes the housing sales of the Diamond Comics CEO:

The CEO of Diamond Comic Distributors and minority Orioles owner is a collector, with enough comic books, animation cels and other pop culture treasures to fill Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Camden Station. Apparently he’s also collected two too many houses, because he has one for sale in Stevenson for $7.7 million and another on the market in Cockeysville for $2.5 million.

The more expensive one – an eight-bedroom spread built in 1848 for a Baltimore coffee merchant – is listed in state tax records as Geppi’s principal residence. So where’s he going?

That question is unanswered, but you can virtuallytour both Geppi residences here and here—the former includes some shots of Geppi’s collection of Carl Barks paintings adorning the walls.

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