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Busiek wins with great looking new website


Damn it! It’s not enough that Kurt Busiek has to win every internet argument he ever enters…now he got his own website, Busiek.com to spout even MORE of his level-headed, even-handed views and informed, intelligent commentary. Damn it!

With luck, this’ll be a good place for news, information, previews of upcoming projects, announcements of convention appearances, and things like that. I’ve already started putting some articles, interviews and stories in the “Read” section and there’s a near-complete bibliography in the “About” section. We have a message board—have had it for a few years, actually, since it’s been the board we set up to go with my other site, AstroCity.us—and we’ll be reworking and redesigning it, to cover all my work, not just Astro City.

Above, the early fruits of some downtime when Busiek worked in Marvel’s marketing dept.

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