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Buenaventura Press and Diamond make theirs comic books


Via email, an announcement from Buenaventura Press, the publisher of such fine comics as KRAMERS ERGOT and BOYS CLUB:

Despite the ‘industry trend’ of cancelling comic books to focus on graphic novels, Buenaventura Press boldly plans to release half a dozen actual comics over the coming year. We love the serial format that gave us masterpieces such as Eightball, Frank, Acme Novelty Library, Optic Nerve, Yummy Fur, Zap, Dirty Plotte, Palookaville, and Love & Rockets–and we want to keep alive the stapled marvel that is the comic book.

As part of this mission, Buenaventura Press is excited to announce the first in a new series: The BP Comics Revival Economic Stimulus 3-Pak! This Diamond exclusive is a throw-back to the ol’ drugstore shrink-wrapped 3-packs, but with all new comics. Offered in the June 2009 Previews at $11.95, the first Pak includes two new series–Aviatrix #1 by Eric Haven and I Want You #1 by Lisa Hanawalt–plus the return of Ted May’s Injury, with the brand new issue #3.

Working with Diamond’s Jenny Christopher, a staunch supporter of independent comics and new cartoonists, we are offering the Economic Stimulus 3-Pak at a discount price. Diamond’s distribution system allows us to maintain significant print runs that keep the price affordable. The comics will also be available individually at the BP webshop, Last Gasp, and select retailers. Issues will be priced at $4.95 each, making the 3-Pak a 3 dollar savings!

This is good news on many fronts — first off, it’s just excellent that more fine comics are coming out from these cartoonists, and shows that even with all the economic problems, the indie “pamphlet” ain’t quite dead yet. It also reverses many reports that INJURY #3 wouldn’t go through Diamond, due to the new benchmarks.

It also shows that, contrary to what a lot of people have said and written, Diamond isn’t out to kill small publishers with their new business practices. Obviously, the three-pack, with a higher price point, was a workaround for the new benchmarks, a workaround that Diamond helped create to support these books. So let’s give them a little credit…and if you like indie comic books, support this effort at your local comics shop, as well.

  1. Well it’s nice to see Diamond doing something to actually try and grow the industry they’re in instead of kill it off.

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