Y: The Last Man has already faced a pretty long road as a tv show, comparatively speaking. The Brian K. VaughanPia Guerra created series for Vertigo was FINALLY set to be adapted by the FX Network (after years of percolation as a possible film instead), and they put together a pretty great cast, only to part ways with the showrunners back in April, after shooting the pilot.

Things were looking a little dire, but then in June, a new showrunner – Animal Kingdom‘s Eliza Clarkwas announced. I was still running into radio silence when trying to reach out to my sources about the series’ progress and when production might resume, but here comes some straight dope from a source who would know: BKV himself, with a Y: The Last Man update and some reassuring details on Instagram…


So, Y: The Last Man, still coming in 2020! Presumably the cast will all remain the same despite any setbacks, though there is a good question to be asked regarding the status of the currently shot pilot and if it will be used, or if the team will be starting over from scratch with a new first episode. It’s not hard to imagine the latter would be the case, but as always in tv, sometimes they just fix those kinds of things in post where possible and move forward from there.

Y: The Last Man remains one of the most sure-fire comics to live action concepts, and with a little update here and there, could hit on some really relevant topical issues. More to come, and glad to see it!


  1. Now if the writers could just come up with a proper ending to the story that would be great, instead of the lousy payoff from the book.

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