At his BLOG. Apparently Dan Didio liked this idea, but Paul Levitz wouldn’t go for it.


  1. Comics Comics recently had a brief post about McCarthy turn into an unexpected “cage match” in their comments section.

  2. I wonder whether that might’ve been a preliminary sketch for the closing story for his SOLO book, which starred two characters who were kinda slacker Batman and Superman analogues.

    McCarthy should be doing much, much more in comics, if there was any justice in the universe. Team him up with Morrison and watch crazy shit happen. Or hell, seemed as though he and Milligan were a pretty bang-up team. I ‘spect we wouldn’t have Frank Quitely or had Seth Fisher without his influence; let’s see him birth some more of those types.

  3. I heard that some years ago, Grant Morrison wrote a DOOM PATROL story especially for Brendan, but I’m not sure what happened to it. But he apparently did a bizarre cover for it.
    I like the look of this Bat Boy thing. I read that his SOLO book for DC ran into some trouble before it was finally published. Batboy looks like SLOUCH WORLD, from that SOLO issue… Which, by the way, I thought was the best of the lot!