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Breaking: Jim Woodring's giant pen is hard to use


In an interview that would be notable enough just for talking about his new Frank graphic novel CONGRESS OF THE ANIMALS, Jim Woodring drops even more bombshells, revealing that the giant steel nib pen — which the world watched created with bated breath — is not very easy to ink with.

While the project proved fascinating as a concept for both spectators and Woodring himself, the artist told CBR that, in practice, “it’s very difficult” to use. “It’s long and heavy and after inking with it for about fifteen minutes I begin to get a backache,” Woodring said. “Plus, all those minute movements that become second nature with your fingers when using a regular dip pen translate into efforts requiring the use of both arms and the upper torso. And since the paper is typically 40″ tall it is very difficult to keep the angle consistent. On top of all that, the lines are very difficult to control. All in all, it’s strenuous and frustrating.”

Woodring did not use Nibbus Maximus in the creation of CONGRESS, meaning it is merely amazing in the way that all Jim Woodring books are amazing, dreamlike, and deeply, deeply disturbing.

And for proof, see the next post.

  1. In other news, the giant record breaking pizza turned out to be, “too much pizza and difficult to eat” complained the pizza man.

  2. My first reaction to the headline was, “well, no shit, Sherlock.”

    In other news, I’m in negotiations with WACOM to build a giant stylus and tablet. The hard part will be the fact that I won’t be able to stand on the tablet surface, so will need to draw while suspended on wires.

    Just kidding. I greatly admire Woodring’s work but this just goes to show that even a genius can pull ridiculous stunts from time to time.

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