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BOOM!’s WWE Comics Are Going Back To The Attitude Era


It was the time in wrestling that gave the world Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, today BOOM! Studios showed off the first look at a new one-shot which tells stories from WWE’s Attitude Era. The preview takes a look at one of the pivotal moments of the Monday Night Wars between WWE and, its rival at the time, WCW. Check out the preview pages from WWE: Attitude Era #1 featuring Degeneration X’s most infamous moment, the “invasion” outside a WCW Monday Nitro broadcast.

From WWE: Attitude Era #1

Some of the biggest wrestling fans are comic creators and it’ll be interesting to see their interpretation of the story world depicted in wrestling during the late 90’s. WWE: Attitude Era will feature comic industry talents such as Ryan Ferrier (Rocko’s Modern Life), Andy Belanger (Southern Cross), Aaron Gillespie (Green Lanterns), Julian May (WWE), Michel Mulipola (WWE: WrestleMania), Hyeonjin Kim (Sisters of Sorrow) and Kendall Goode (The Pride) telling stories featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin, Undertaker and Kane, and of course D-X.

Now someone do a comic about the most underrated tag team of all time in WWE, Billy & Chuck.

WWE: Attitude Era #1 is in stores August 1, 2018.

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