These comics-based Humble Bundle’s continue to do very well. a Boom! bundle is wrapping up a few hours from when you read this already having raised more than $242,898.07 with 23,784 purchases. Charity proceeds benefit the CBLDF. Hurry up and you can still get all the following:

After initially offering over 90 issues of a wide variety of comics when it launched on August 6,BOOM! Studios added an additional tier of titles on August 13 to help boost interest in the raise. Titles that were added include:
Fairy Quest: Outlaws (collects the complete miniseries)
Written by Paul Jenkins
Illustrated by Humberto Ramos
In Fablewood, where all fairy tales live side-by-side, Red Riding Hood and Wolf risk everything so that they can remain friends.
Polarity TP (collects the complete miniseries)
Written by Max Bemis
Illustrated by Jorge Coelho
From the mind of Say Anything frontman Max Bemis comes a story about a man with bipolar disorder who discovers his meds have been, in fact, suppressing his super powers.

Suicide Risk Vol. 1 TP (issues #1-4)
Suicide Risk  Vol. 2 TP (issues #5-9)
Written by Mike Carey
Illustrated by Elena Casagrande
This smart deconstruction of the superhero genre tells of a beat cop, who, after watching too many of his friends die at the hands of super-powered villains, decides to take a risk by artificially unlocking his own abilities.

Protocol: Orphans #1-4 (collects the complete miniseries)
Written by Peter Facinelli, Rob DeFranco, and Michael Alan Nelson
Illustrated by Mariano Navarro
Grabbed up by the United States government and thrown into training camps, orphans around the country have been raised to become America’s next generation of super spies. Now, as adults, they live amongst us, ready for “the family” to call them back into action.

The initial campaign contained:

Curse #1-4 (collects the complete miniseries)
Written by Tim Daniel and Michael Moreci
Illustrated by Colin Lorimer and Riley Rossmo
To pay for his son’s medical treatment, a man sets out to earn the bounty on a killer who has been terrorizing his small town, only to discover the murderer is a werewolf.
Day Men #1-3
Written by Matt Gagnon and Michael Alan Nelson
Illustrated by Brian Stelfreeze
To protect their vampire employers during the daytime, a select group of humans are trained to serve as their fixers, problem-solvers, and protectors.
Dead Letters #1-4
Written by Christopher Sebela
Illustrated by Chris Visions
A man wakes up with no memory of how he got where he is and will have to use every trick from his forgotten repertoire to outrun and outsmart his way through a hardboiled wonderland of gang wars, femme fatales, and big secrets.
Evil Empire #1-3
Written by Max Bemis
Illustrated by Ransom Getty and Andrea Mutti
Say Anything frontman Max Bemis’ gripping story explores a scenario in which we watch modern society gradually evolve (or is it devolve?) into an evil empire.
Hit #1-4 (collects the complete miniseries)
Written by Bryce Carlson
Illustrated by Vanesa R. Del Rey
In 1955 Los Angeles, while infamous gangster Mickey Cohen rots in a prison cell, clandestine groups of LAPD detectives moonlight as sanctioned hitmen knows as “Hit Squads.”
Imagine Agents #1-4 (collects the complete miniseries)
Written by Brian Joines
Illustrated by Bachan
An agency responsible for keeping kids’ imaginary friends in line is confronted by a plot by an evil faction to become real.
RoboCop: Last Stand Part 1 TP (4 issues)
Written by Frank Miller and Steven Grant
Illustrated by Korkut Öztekin
Based on Frank Miller’s unused screenplay for the RoboCop 3 film, RoboCop takes a last stand against OCP to protect the citizens of Detroit.
RoboCop (2014) #1-2
Written by Joshua Williamson
Illustrated by Carlos Magno
Picking up right after the end of the first film, a deadly and charismatic criminal is released from jail and instantly targets RoboCop for destruction.
Sons of Anarchy #1-11
Written by Christopher Golden and Ed Brisson
Illustrated by Damian Couceiro
Based on the hit FX Network TV show. The only people standing between the daughter of an old SAMCRO member and certain death are the Sons of Anarchy.
Those who pay more than the average price will also receive:
Hacktivist #1-4 (collects the complete miniseries)                                                    
Created by Alyssa Milano
Written Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing
Illustrated by Marcus To and Ian Herring
The owners of the largest social media company in the world moonlight as do-gooder hackers, but are compromised when the US government moves in.
Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #1-6 (collects the complete miniseries)
Written by David Petersen
Illustrated by David Petersen
This is the third collected volume in the continuing saga of the Eisner Award-winning and critically acclaimed fantasy comic series about an elite group of warriors charged with protecting the mouse territories.
Planet of the Apes Vols. 1-4 (16 issues)
Written by Daryl Gregory
Illustrated by Carlos Magno
Find out what happens 1,300 years before the arrival of Colonel George Taylor from the original 1968 Planet of the Apes movie! Ape and Human societies have reached a new golden age, but peace never lasts for long.
Six-Gun Gorilla TP (6 issues) (collects the complete miniseries)
Written by Simon Spurrier
Illustrated by Jeff Stokely
On another world in the 22nd century, a rogue gorilla gunslinger and his companion wander across a wilderness in the grips of a civil war, encountering lawlessness, natives, and perversions of civilization in a world at the crossroads between the past and the future.
Translucid #1-3
Written by Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert
Illustrated by Daniel Bayliss
From the mind of Coheed and Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez and his wife/writing partner Chondra Echert, this is the superhero story you’ve wanted but never thought you’d see, exploring the thin line between heroes and villains, and the space between childhood hope and loss.
The Woods #1-3
Written by James Tynion IV
Illustrated by Michael Dialynas
An entire high school is transported to a strange, primordial wilderness and confronted with trying to survive.
Readers who pay $15 or more will receive all of the above, plus:
Bee and PuppyCat #1-2
Written by Natasha Allegri and Garrett Jackson
Illustrated by Natasha Allegri
Based on the popular web series, it’s a quirky new take on the magical girl genre with Bee, the forever unemployed main character who can’t seem to figure out life, and the mysterious PuppyCat, a stray…whatever it is…that she stumbled across who has a powerful secret.
Bravest Warriors Vol. 1 (4 issues)
Written by Joey Comeau
Illustrated by Mike Holmes
Based on the hit animated series! Join Chris, Wallow, Beth and Danny, four 16-year-old heroes-for-hire, as they warp from galaxy to galaxy, saving alien races with the power of their…emotions.
Lumberjanes #1-4
Written by Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson
Illustrated by Brooke Allen
Jo, April, Mal, Molly, and Ripley are five best pals determined to have an awesome summer together…and they’re not gonna let any insane quest or an array of supernatural critters get in their way!
The Midas Flesh #1-8 (collects the complete miniseries)
Written by Ryan North
Illustrated by Braden Lamb and Shelli Paroline
The space crew of Joey, Fatima and Cooper have decided to return to Earth—a planet completely sectioned off, abandoned, and covered in gold—to find out exactly what happened to this once thriving planet and see if they can use that knowledge against the evil empire that’s tracking them down. As luck would have it, they just landed the most powerful weapon in the universe: some ancient dead guy’s body.
As with all Humble Bundles, customers can choose how their purchase dollars are allocated, between the publisher, Humble Bundle, and the determined charity (CBLDF).


  1. I’ve said this elsewhere, but I was disappointed by the image quality. Most of the comics have very noticeable JPEG compression artifacts (although, last I checked, 4 of them were also available in high-quality PDF versions — which have the opposite problem and are way higher-quality than they need to be, making for unreasonably large files).

    On the one hand, it feels a little petty to complain about the file quality given the huge number of excellent books available here at a very low price. On the other hand, I wouldn’t expect degraded graphics if I bought a game from a Humble Bundle, and the recent Walking Dead bundle had high-quality but reasonably-sized CBZ files.

    The Transformers bundle had the same problems as this one (except that every Transformers comic was available in a way-too-big high-quality version, not just 4 of them).

    I suspect that the reason Image has the best downloads available of the three bundles I’ve bought is that Image already sells DRM-free comics elsewhere (on its own site and on Comixology) and has experience doing it. I would expect the likes of Thrillbent, Monkeybrain, and Valiant to produce similarly high-quality DRM-free comics for the same reason, and I would be happy to buy a Humble Bundle from them. But I don’t think I’ll be buying another one from IDW, Boom, or any other publisher that doesn’t have experience in this area anytime soon, unfortunately.

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