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Bookmark: The Marvel Age of Comics


Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort has opened up some kind of secret vault where artifacts from Marvel’s history have been stored; and just like anyone else would do, he’s putting them on Tumblr. For instance, here’s the original last page of AVENGERS #1 with Tom’s annotation:

On this final page of AVENGERS #1, the letterer misjudged the space necessary for copy in the last panel, causing almost all of the lettering to be reworked and pasted over top. Art by Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.

Tons more already. Addictive.

  1. Shouldn’t a page from Avengers #1 have been something that Marvel could have given back to the Kirby family during the early 80’s Kirby Art fiasco? How could this have not been?

  2. This is the kind of stuff that should have been in the Marvel Vault book. Hopefully, it will be collected and released in a coffee table style book some day…

  3. So, to get this straight, these are original art pages, not photostats or reproductions ? Art that SHOULD have been returned to Jack Kirby and the Kirby family? And Brevoort is flashing them online to show what MARVEL has in THEIR possession? Nothing like throwing a little salt in the wound, huh Marvel?

  4. Yeah, you can tell they’re originals from the Albert Moy.com watermark on one, the Xerox grays on another, and of course the one scanned directly from a television broadcasting from 1962.

    Some are photographs of art and some scans because that’s just how Tom felt like reproducing them from the originals that day.

    That AMAZING FANTASY splash page is in the Library of Congress, and that Kitty Pryde sketch seems to have been in a fan’s collection for years, and both have been reproduced numerous places before, but Tom putting them on a Tumblr must mean that Marvel has the originals and is showing them in order to brag that Marvel has them in their clutches and not to share interesting images he’s collected over the years with fans.

    He’s a rotter, that Brevoort. Don’t get me started on his hat.

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