Photographer Seth Kushner updates news of his book on local artists:

On the photography front, I’ve photographed 41 subjects, and have 9 more to go, to bring it to an even 50. At the same time, my co-author, Christopher Irving is conducting interviews. With the help of designer, Rich Fowlks, we have put together sample layouts of several of the profiles,(see below) which is being used by our agent to pitch the project to publishers. I think the layout helps to give a fairly clear picture of how we hope the final book will eventually look. Also, for the pitch, we’ve titled the project, GRAPHIC NYC: CREATING COMICS IN GOTHAM. That’s just the current working title, and not necessarily the actual one. More updates soon.


  1. I am ridiculously excited about this project. The portraits are so amazing. I wants them to get their contract and get it published STAT.

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