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Bluewater wins TITANS clash with Warners


When a giant movie studio and a small comics publisher both use the same title, who gets to keep it? Well, in the case of WRATH OF THE TITANS, both.

Warners is planning a sequel to its CLASH OF THE TITANS remake for next year, entitled WRATH OF THE TITANS, starring Sam Worthington and directed by Jonathan Liebesman.

But Bluewater already published a series of sequels to the movie in its Ray Harryhausen line, also entitled WRATH OF THE TITANS (this fact wasn’t mentioned in the Variety story.) Harryhausen, you may recall, is the driving force behind the original CLASH OF THE TITANS, which showcased his signature stop motion animation.

After a brief tussle, everyone will continue on as before, although Bluewater will retain its licensing rights for the title.

Bluewater said Wednesday that it has trademarked the “Wrath of the Titans” name and published two miniseries. The agreement calls for the movie to carry the previously announced “Wrath” title in exchange for Bluewater having certain specific licensing rights to the name.

“It’s a win-win for everybody,’ said Bluewater president Darren G. Davis. “We saved Warner Bros. millions in possible rebranding expenses, and Bluewater gets to keep the name for various Greek-themed projects.”

Bluewater has hired Danny Simon as a licensing agent for their various endeavors.

  1. How much of a win is this for Bluewater?

    I ask because DCBS just credited me for Wrath of the Titans: Revenge of Medusa #4 earlier this week.

    Winning for a title you just cancelled? Hmmmmmmmmm……..

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