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Bluewater goes GAGA


Lady Gaga comics for Free Comic Book Day! So this is what it has come to? Bluewater is continuing its very successful line of biographical comics with one featuring futuristic siren Lady Gaga — it’s part of an expanded “Fame” line that “focuses on culturally relevant celebrities and other pop culture icons.” Coming soon: Robert Pattinson, 50 Cent, David Beckham, and Taylor Swift.

Now, we know what you’re thinking: Snooki has got to be next, right?

“Over the past year we saw an opportunity to broaden the scope of who reads comics,” said Bluewater president Darren G. Davis, “There were many who had never picked up a graphic novel or comic book buy our biography titles like Female Force and Political Power. Fame is the natural extension of that trend.”

Davis, who was once a marketing executive at E! Entertainment Television and Lionsgate, noted that the multiple printings of the tribute book, Michael Jackson: King of Pop, convinced him that the current crop of biography titles were too limiting.

“Fame gives us the ability to tell more interesting stories about a wider variety of notable personalities. Conversely, it allows us to focus the scope of our other biography titles to more socially and political important figures.” Davis added.

Additionally, Bluewater announced its biography title release schedule for the first half of 2010.

As previously announced, the Female Force series will feature Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama: Year One and Ellen DeGeneres. Other biographies filling out the first half of the year’s schedule include Supreme Court justice Sonia Sotomayor, news anchor Meredith Vieira, and novelist Anne Rice.

The Political Power series will feature Al Gore, Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton followed by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Franken, and Rush Limbaugh.

“People seem to enjoy debating whether this person or that are worthy of our biographies. Whereas some subjects have more influence on our social, cultural or political landscape than others, the bottom line is we try to choose subjects that have compelling or important stories to tell,” Davis said.

The biography comic book series, launched earlier this year, has drawn considerable media attention, including features on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, “The View” and “Live with Regis and Kelly.” It has also been featured in such periodicals as People Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, USA Today and thousands of blogs and other media outlets.

  1. “So this is what it has come to?”

    Regardless of what one might suspect of the actual content of this comic, a Free Comic Book Day comic about some pop-culture personality does strike me as the kind of thing that theoretically might be able to bring in more “civilians” into a comics store on FCBD, which is one of the event’s goals, right?

  2. That’s not even a tracing. That’s just a still posterized in Photoshop.

    I guess I should pick that comic up since I hear her name every day of my life and have no idea who she is or what she sounds like.

  3. @Ike:

    You know, I sorta assumed she was a throwaway pop icon, a la Britney Spears or Jessica Simpson, but the more I hear of her, the more I’m sorta glad that she and her peculiar sense of avante garde exists.

    Also, it inspired me to get “The Fame,” which is not a bad album. Not sure I like her enough to get “The Fame Monster,” though.

  4. This is awesome! :) Lady Gaga rules!

    Alan, Marvel publishes enough of their own crap without considering anything that is not in line with superheroes being considered for a makeover simply for possible future movie status! ;P

  5. If the Taylor Swift bio-comic depicts L’Affaire Kanye at the MTV VMAs (I’mma Let You Finish, But…) I think I’d buy it just for that.

  6. I don’t think its posterized through photo-shop but it does look a lot like live-trace via adobe illustrator. Her left arm in particular looks like a mess.

  7. If anyone’s interested, here is the original picture “used” for the cover:


    I wonder if the publishers got permission or if there are any copyright issues. The book cover is pretty much the exact photo manipulated by a Photoshop or Illustrator filter. Don’t fool yourselves, this photo was found by doing a simple Google search and was on the third page of results.

  8. I’m currently being blasted publicly by the editor for quitting this book with no contract to speak of. They have some really awesome people working for them and I hope that they treat them better than they treated me. I, for one, will not be picking this book up as I wouldn’t put any more money in the editor’s pocket that should be going to the people who work for him.

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