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Bloom County is really, truly back


As promised, a new Bloom County comic strip is up—as promised, on Facebook of all places. Creator Berke Breathed announced the return during SDCC, and a lot of 90s kids are over the moon with this. The strip is appearing in a Sunday color format. On subsequent FB posts, Breathed has explained that Opus was jamming to “Thankful” by Glen Phillips, and so with this interactive method, he’as actualy emulating the most popular webcomics. Full circle!

Anyway welcome back, Opus! It wasn’t the same without you.


  1. That is true. While not full Bloom County a lot of elements survived into the 90’s as Outland and then Opus made a small run in the mid-2000’s so it was never really over.

  2. I can’t remember which series it was, but shortly after the last Opus revival one of the other strips in the comics section mocked its return as being overhyped, with a gigantic Opus nose Bogarting the last panel. I wish I had saved that strip, because it would be just as relevant today.

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