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BLADE RUNNER 2019 trailer gives a first look into the upcoming comic

Get ready for the July 17 release.


On Tuesday, Entertainment Weekly dropped an exclusive trailer and preview for the upcoming Blade Runner 2019 comic. In this return to the Los Angeles of the future, we meet Ash, a seasoned Blade Runner on the search for a CEO’s child and wife who were kidnapped by Replicants.

Titan’s Blade Runner 2019 is the first of what the publisher hopes to be a long line expanding the prominent sci-fi franchise. Like this one, each comic to follow will tell an original, canon story.

The trailer below gives readers an idea of who the team of Blade Runner 2019 is, and it’s a diverse pool of experience. Heading up writing is Michael Green, the Academy nominated screenwriter behind not only Blade Runner 2049, but also Logan and American Gods. He’s joined by co-writer Mike Johnson (Batman/SupermanSupergirlStar Trek) and the team is rounded out by veteran comics artist Andres Guinaldo, whose work you can find in Justice League Dark and Captain America. 

Blade Runner 2019 hits comic shops on July 17, along with five variant covers, one of which features original Blade Runner concept art by Syd Mead. While you wait for this to land in your pull, check out Entertainment Weekly’s exclusive cover gallery and preview below.


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