Billy Dogma in “Sex Planet” from Daniel J. Kramer on Vimeo.

Debuting this weekend at KingCon, it’s a motion comic featuring Dean Haspiel’s Billy Dogma, of which he writes:

From the motion comics I’ve been privy to, I feel that most executions fail. It’s a poor substitute for animation and corrupts the virtues of the static, sequential graphic rather than enhances. However, my rejection of motion comics is what challenged me to revisit the concept when Daniel Kramer offered to direct and produce a version of BILLY DOGMA in “Sex Planet.” I think our solution splits the difference between comix proper and moving pictures with sound. If anything, our motion comic compliments the source material while adding a new dimension to the reading/viewing experience. It helps set a pace and acknowledges the power of comics that could otherwise be overlooked in our daily haste.

Before you watch: Listening to Dino read sexy talk may either be a dream come true or a horrible experience that years of therapy cannot erase…so proceed with caution.

This motion comic is more of an “enhanced comic” or a video Carousel reading, and sexy talk Dino aside, is a bit more effective than other “motion comics” we’ve endured. The adventurous may want to explore this link and see what emerges.



  1. I have no general dislike for the idea of a motion comic — unlike many other comic book commenters online, I think it’s a cool idea that needs to be explored, and no it’s not either a movie or a comic and I don’t care which one who believes what is. Really who cares about such categories? Media categories are fictional: I hope everybody on this planet realises this by now. If not, I hope they will soon.

    However, maybe its just my tastes (i.e. maybe I wouldn’t like the still comic either) but I felt this example of a motion comic was pretty awful all around.