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BilBOlbul International Comics festival


We received a lengthy press release from Italy regarding the second annual BilBOlBul comics festival to be held 5-9 March in Bologna. This year’s fest includes spotlights on Gianni De Luca and Cristolphe Blain, sections devoted to Anders Nilsen, Kevin Huizenga and Paul Hornschemeier from America and Hok Tak Yeung and Chihoi Lee from China, films, music and a contest for young cartoonists. According to the PR:

The official image of the Festival second edition was drawn by Gabriella Giandelli: a tribute to BilBolbul, the first Italian comic character ever, created by Attilio Mussino, one hundred years after his creation.

In short, another nice international cultural festival with comics at the center. You can read all the information about the show here.

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