Following the excitement last week when a set of jury-rigged lettered xeroxes of BIG NUMBERS #3 hit the web, it looks like the legendary series, created by Alan Moore and Bill Sienkiewicz, will finally be completed. Former publisher Kevin Eastman has announced that he’s received Moore’s blessing to publish a revamped version of the ten uncompleted issues. “The take is a little different than Alan’s would have been, but we all felt that just getting something out there that could be collected was the main thing,” Eastman told the Beat.

The artist will be Simon Bisley. “Simon has the vision and imagination to complete this incredible project,” said Eastman. “More importantly, there’s absolutely no danger that he will go berserk just from working on the project, since that ship sailed long ago.”

Moore left notes on how the series would progress, as well as a complete script to issue #4. Picking up the writing reins will be Oscar® winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, who co-produced CONSTANTINE, based on a character created by Moore. Goldsman has incredible reverence for Moore’s work, but even more importantly, since writing the screenplays for BATMAN FOREVER and BATMAN & ROBIN back in the ’90s, he’s been itching to try his hand at writing an actual comic book. Joining a growing number of screenwriters who gravitate to comics, Goldsman is looking forward to tasting some of the creative freedom offered in comics that Hollywood types can only dream about. “BIG NUMBERS is the kind of high concept story that just fires the imagination,” said Goldsman. “While staying very, very true to Alan Moore’s intent, I think you’ll agree, by the time the new version is finished, it should be called EVEN BIGGER NUMBERS. The first version was Number One, but this will definitely be Number Two.”

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  1. Had me right up until you pegged the writer of “Batman Forever/Batman & Robin” to finish the story. I even swallowed Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley hook, line & sinker!

  2. Akiva Goldsman. Wow, can you get any shallower than the guy who wrote those awful Batman sequels. April Fool’s to you, too, Hide-Hide!

  3. Wow, that was good! I didn’t even get it. I was all like “WHAT THE CRAP is it with these books getting finished, when they’re not being done by the original team, which is the sole reason we were buying this books! (I’m talking about YOU, Grant Morrison Authority!)” And I was all ready to run in here and give my thoughts, when boom! Good one, very good one (and I’m SO glad it’s not being done. NOW, if they want to take the photocopies, clean them up and print a Big Numbers #3 from it, I’d buy that sucker in a second!) :-)

  4. holy crap! My hackles and blood pressure were being raised as I was all prepared to go on a Crusade against this.

    Good one!!

  5. TOTALLY got me! Man, what a sucker I am. I mean, totally, all the way through to the JPEG, all the way past the unease about Bisley and the abject horror about Akiva. Good job.

  6. Heidi, You so rock for this, and got a number of people. I lettered this thing and the copies that were then recopied and distributed through out the years, and have always dreamed of putting it together. Matter of fact, I gave Staros his copy and told him all about the book years ago which spurred him into action. Because of that, I’ve gotten about twenty phone calls since #3 hit the web, and today three people called to tell me this, all who saw it reposted or commented on and fell for it. My answer to each, in no small part because we are all working furiously to get the last details of the Sumptown Comics Fest in place (April 18 & 19, Portland, OR, plug, plug, plug), was “Fuck you and your April Fool’s shit” to which they all stopped short and said “Oh hell! I fell for it”. Ya made my day.