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Best press release of the day: Wizard does something


In a world of empty PR speak the following pr from Wizard about a new Chairman of the Board reads like it chugged a couple of Rockstars then doused itself with FourLoko before shooting up some crank. Look at these action verbs: excited, accelerate, momentum, increase, velocity — just in ONE SENTENCE. That is really impressive. Whatever it is that Michael Mathews is going to do it is going to be WILD. And DIGITAL.

Wizard World, Inc. (symbol: WIZD) today announced that Michael Mathews, former CEO of interclick, inc. (ICLK) and a successful entrepreneur in guiding hyper-growth for companies in the digital marketing space, has joined Wizard World as Chairman of the Board. Mathews will help facilitate the planned growth and strategic direction of Wizard World, with the goal of developing digital properties that become the leading destinations for Pop Culture enthusiasts. Mr. Mathews will begin his new position effective immediately. 

“Michael is one of the most innovative, creative and accomplished executives in guiding young, private-to-public digital marketing businesses to the hundred million plus revenue mark,” Wizard World CEO Gareb Shamus said. “Given Michael’s success with digital marketing firms CKS Group and Agency.com and most recently at interclick the past 3 years, I’m excited that he will now bring his strategic and critical thinking skills and his institutional investor relationships to Wizard World. I’m looking forward to him guiding us through our planned hyper-growth over the coming few years.”

“Gareb Shamus and his team at Wizard World have built tremendous momentum as a leader in the pop culture space with fans, celebrities, media and entertainment firms, both in their ever-growing event business and in their new digital properties. I am excited to help accelerate this momentum and increase its velocity on the digital side,” Mathews said. I believe that the Company is poised to fuel that passion with its compelling and inclusive digital platforms and that the potential for growth is profound.”   

Mathews joins the board of Wizard World after serving as Chief Executive Officer at interclick, inc., one of the leading technology companies in providing data-driven advertising solutions for major digital marketers. He served as CEO from August, 2007 through January, 2011, and remains as a Director on their board.  Mathews also serves as a Director at 5to1, Inc. (FTOH.OB). He helped grow digital businesses while holding senior management positions at Agency.com (President), World Avenue, CKS Group, and BBDO Worldwide. Mathews began his career in the 1980’s in Sales & Marketing at Intel Corporation, and is a graduate of San Francisco State University with a degree in Marketing. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Golden Gate University. 

  1. As long as the something they do involves SOMETHING other than convincing people to call their shows “comic con”, I’m all for it. All this wasted effort gives me a headache. Make Philly Wizard World awesome again. Please and thank you.

  2. I hate that Gareb Shamus is a highly visible public ambassador for the world of funny books.

    It takes quite a bit of talent to create such mistrust and disdain from so many people that have never met the guy face to face.

  3. What amuses me about this, actually, is that Wizard are now trying to present themselves as an established events company with an exciting new online division. But Wizard’s online market share isn’t small because they’re new – it’s small because they have a track record of failure. Anyone can have “profound potential for growth” if they fail hard enough.

  4. Interclick? It sounds like one of Homer Simpson’s made up cutting edge company names. “CutCo, EdgeCom… InterSlice.”

  5. So, Wizard World is basically going to be an interactive advertising play. Why else bring this guy on?

    The newsletter–excuse me–digital magazine is just going to be bait to fish for eyeballs to sell. How hyper-meh.

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