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BEOWULF due from Candlewick


Here’s one we hadn’t heard of before. Xeric winner Gareth Hind’s much praised comics version of BEOWULF is coming out in a new collected edition from Candlewick Press. Book is being aimed at the 9-12 set, but with as the upcoming Zemeckis version of the legend shows, people never get tired of Beowulf!

  1. How many Beowulf titles are there in comic book form? I remember one from the now defunct Speakeasy Comics and, I believe, there’s another version illustrated by Andy Lee.

  2. This one came first – it’s very faithful to the source material. And the publisher info states it’s for ages 10 and up, which puts it into middle and high schools, not elementary schools. When I reviewed the original trade edition for Diamond Comics Bookshelf back in 2001, I recommended it for high schools. With the book being published by Candlewick, it will be much MUCH easier to get it into school libraries and maybe even classrooms.

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