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Bendis announces Guardians of the Galaxy departure following “Grounded”


In late 2016 Marvel NOW! has only just begun, but that isn’t stopping huge creative shake-ups in the Marvel publishing slate. This afternoon author Brian Michael Bendis (Alias) has announced that he is departing Guardians of the Galaxy with the current “Grounded” storyline being his last arc on the series.

The author mentioned that his final issue will be triple-sized and be drawn by the regular series artist Valerio Schiti (All-New, All-Different Avengers). ComicBook.com broke the news with an in-depth Bendis interview on his decision to leave the series.

Here’s what the writer had to say:

“It was a couple of things. Number one, I had an end story that I’ve been building to and it’s time to unleash it,” said Bendis. “Number two, there were other projects offered to me that I was like, “Oh, I do want to do that!” and something has to go. Even I have a bandwidth cap, even though no one in Marvel thinks that I do.”

Bendis alluded to the fact that there’s already a new team on the way for the series saying ” the new creative team is one that I like. I want to tee them up in a good way.” While Bendis mentioned that he is excited for the new team, he also teased his final issue, “at the same time, I really want to land my ending in a big way.” The writer first launched the series in 2013 in the original Marvel NOW! Initiative with artist Steve McNiven (Civil War) just before the Guardians made their big-screen debut.

The writer also talked about how he is leaving the new title before the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 slated for a May 2017 release.


  1. Bendis was awful writing that book. Didn’t understand the previous incarnation of Guardians and didn’t get the movie. Shoehorned in Venom, the Thing, and Iron Man when they didn’t belong, and generally failed. I say this as a Bendis fan from way back (like Torso and Goldfish way back). Maybe too much corporate meddling??

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