There’s quite a rumor mill floating around about whether Ben Affleck is still going to be playing Batman after the Justice League movie is over.  We don’t know what the studio might have said to his agent or what his agent might have said to the studio.  HOWEVER, Affleck did address the situation during the Justice League panel at Comicon and it just so happens we have video of that.  So you can hear for yourself what Affleck has to say about the situation:


  1. I hope he stays on because 1) I find recasting distracting, and 2) after Michael Keaton, I think he’s been the best live-action Batman (Christian Bale was good, but his character arc was really flat compared to Affleck’s, whose arc was so much more interesting).

    That said, if they do recast, I hope it happens in-story and that it’s a passing of the mantle to another character (and not simply another actor playing Bruce Wayne).

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