Go behind the scenes with a new roman a clef from Stephen L. Stern and K. Thor Jensen. A six page preview is in the link. We like the sound of the next two installments: The Briitsh Invasion and It Happened at Comic-Con. Yes, it did.

Majestic Comics is the Biggest Comic-Book Publisher You’ve Never Heard Of—Until Now

If you thought you knew every significant comic-book publisher, from the indies to the Big Two—think again.

Majestic Comics, headquartered in midtown Manhattan, has been churning out major sellers like Captain Adventure, Mak the Slayer and Majestic Legion for decades.

If you’ve never heard of them, the secret history of Majestic Comics can now be revealed: writer Stephen L. Stern and artist K. Thor Jensen have opened the doors to the Big Apple’s most high-profile fictional comic-book company.

“Majestic Comics is a dream project I’ve been developing for years,” said Stern, author of Beowulf: The Graphic Novel and co-creator of the indie comic Zen Intergalactic Ninja. “Majestic Comics is the graphic novel series about the people who create comics.”

Jensen, whose GN Red Eye, Black Eye was hailed by Publisher’s Weekly as “One of the first important graphic novels of 2007” said, “Majestic Comics is an insider’s look at the modern world of comic-book publishing, and it’s a great, fun project to be involved with.”

From twenty-something editor Ted Billings, who narrates the series, to crusty publisher Donald Martingale and streetwise up-and-coming writer Sonny Figueroa, Majestic Comics is populated with characters that comics geeks will likely recognize, and more casual readers will just find hugely entertaining.

A preview of the eponymously-titled first book in the series is available online at The second and third titles—The Briitsh Invasion and It Happened at Comic-Con—will follow.


  1. Looks kinda good, but there’s no way to buy the book at the website they list. You can read the first 6 pages, but there’s no ordering info.