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Today we are giving away a cult comics classic which was published in 1987 but still speaks to today’s issues. Before there was Wesley Gibson or Dave Lisewski or Flex Mentallo there was…Eddy Current, the story of a n inmate at a mental asylum named Eddy Current who finds himself melded with the “Dynamic Fusion Suit” he ordered from an comic book ad.

Twelve hours, twelve issues. Structural gimmicks don’t get much better than that and you can see why Hollywood showed early interest in making an Eddy Current movie. McKeever said his inspiration   for Eddy came from seeing comic stores clogged with all those capes and costumes. He wanted to see something other than superheroes on the shelves. The first issue of Eddy Current ends with a man named Pinky saying that the city needs “a hero. Not politics. Not sports. I mean someone right out of comic books. Y’know. Blue tights, red shorts, greased back hair. Larger than life.” And immediately afterwards, Eddy Current gets a full-blown Sergio Leone-style heroic entrance — but he’s naked except for a trenchcoat, some Converse All-Stars, and his barely-there Dynamic Fusion Suit.

Ted McKeever remains a comics auteur who’s hard to pigeon hole. Eddy Current came out of the same era of comics as Dark Knight and Watchmen, received a bunch of Eisner nominations, and influenced a lot of the more transgressive and expressionist takes on adventure comics that were to come. This is volume 2 of the Ted McKeever Library, which came out from Image in 2008 and didn’t, for whatever reason, get much attention. Volumes 1 and 3 — Transit and Metropol respectively — are also worth seeking out. McKeever has a new book from Image coming out soon, Meta 4, about an amnesiac astronaut who teams up with Gasolina, a muscular woman who dresses up as Santa all year round. YOU can’t make this stuff up, so Ted McKeever does it for you.

Da rulez:
Email your NAME and your ADDRESS to beatgiveaway@gmail.com by 6 pm tomorrow (Friday) when another giveaway goes up! US and Canada only, sorry!

  1. And what do I have to do to win this thing? I LOVED EDDY CURRENT when it was coming out and would love to read it again.

  2. Usually the magnificent Heidi would not forget something like:
    Email your NAME and your ADDRESS to beatgiveaway@gmail.com by 6 pm
    tomorrow (Friday) when another giveaway goes up! US and Canada only, sorry!
    But as you may recall the reason for the giveaways is moving offices at Publisher’s Weekly so she would be a little preoccupied with that. Add to it the BEA or Book Expo of America and you are dealing with hectic times.

    That said I would like to apply for this but I have a feeling there is one last item to come. Skill testing questions?

  3. David. indeed this original post got eaten by a server crash (!) so it has now been completely restored. Thank you!

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