Andrew Adamson, director of several outings in the Shrek and Narnia franchises, has set his sights on a CGI-animated version of BEASTS OF BURDEN, the acclaimed tale of animals who fight supernatural threats in a suburban community. The film will be made by Reel FX.

BEASTS is the creation of Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson, both veterans of the animation experience (Welcome to Eltingville and Scary Godmother, respectively), and considering what a great story it has, fingers are crossed that it makes it to the screen intact.

You can read an entire BEASTS OF BURDEN story for free online here.
According to the piece, other Dark Horse movie projects in the works include RIPD, starring Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges, EMILY THE STRANGE, and UMBRELLA ACADEMY.


  1. This is very cool. Assuming it’s anything like the comic visually, it should be very striking to look at. And if you think you don’t like talking animal comics, you should check it out anyway. It’s really good.