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BEA Day 3 wrap-up


Nothing much goes on at the third day of the BookExpo America — it’s generally a chance just to run around and talk to the people you missed the first two days, although most people have already gone back to the office.

We’ll have a full write-up tomorrow both here and at PW, but in the meantime, a couple of photos.

As we mentioned previously, the Disney booth featured the biggest Marvel presence in the form of what seems to be an imprint called Marvel Press. The first books on display were illustrated origin stories for the major movie characters. But the end cap of the booth is the illo shown. I don’t know if this is old Marvel art repurposed or a new Disney piece, but it has a more refined Marvel Super Hero Squad feel, and pre-Image grunge-and-clutter versions of most of the characters. Hello, Disney!

Our second photo has nothing at all to do with comics, but it cracked us up that IEC Career Investment from Lagos, Nigeria was a no-show. Or maybe we’ve just been cleaning out spam filters for too long.


  1. good grief.

    first of all, BEA is a depressing, lackluster shell of its former self. it really doesn’t merit three days of any kind of press coverage—and this article shows it.

    christ, you make it sound like the “Marvel presence” was more than it really was—a 36″ x 48″ inch poster and some kiddie books for giveaway. and then you are going to use subtextual analysis of the illustration to draw an overarching conclusion about corporate control?

    you are really stretching to write something about this yawn of a show, aren’t you?

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