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Baltimore: the photos!


We took few photos at Baltimore, but that makes them all the more precious.

Where the action is! Dean Haspiel. Dan Goldman, Walt Simonson and Howard Chaykin all busy themselves.

Mike Oeming was curiously banished to a corner outside his own booth. We’ll have a video package investigating this up tomorrow.

There were costumes! And…surprises.

Jackie Baker folows in her father’s footsteps at age 2.

Kyle and Lillian Baker sell their wares.

George Perez skatches away, doubtless for a good cause.

Larry Marder shows off some NEW Beanworld art…can it be…more BEANWORLD after a long hiatus?

Johanna Draper Carlson and Paul Pope go over last minute Harvey planning.

An actual Harvey Award!

Regular readers know we are obsessed with the Revive beds at the Marriott chain. Perhaps this is because, according to their catalog, they come with a catamite!

George of That’s Entertainment, DC’s Stuart Schreck and Joel Pollack chat before the Retailer Summit kicked off.

David Lloyd and Bill Sienkiewicz united to form a team that none could withstand.

Olivier Coipel was happy.

Carla Speed McNeill and Svetlana Chmakova chatter over cool computer gadget.

Act-i-vate’s Paul Maybury and Dan Goldman kick back after the show.

The grassy knoll where the bus from Chinatown picks up and drops off its passengers. Presidents beware!

  1. Oh Paul, I think no one wants to believe that someone as cool as you shares the name of a small town where Don Knotts was a police officer.

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