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Baltimore Comic-Con Photo Parade


It’s been a long time since I posted an arty Hipstamatic photo dump — and I know you missed it!

Road trip!

Jeff Smith signs for fans.

All of these people were lined up for Stan Lee.

Steel drum afternoon.

Giant line for the costume contest!

Not even the Jedi could get in.

This guy had BLACK COMIC BOXES. BLACK COMIC BOXES! Where do you get these? WANT.

There were quite a few paramilitary folks threatening small children at the show.

The family that cosplays as the X-Men together, goes to cons together. Not quite sure what was going on here.

Scott Kurtz, Harveys MC.

Jim Starlin, Ted Adams and Paul McSpadden.

Mike Gold accepting his award.

Stan Lee and Mark Waid ham it up.

Bar harbor view.

Not quite sure what happened here, but as reported elsewhere, when no one from DC showed up, the fans in the room had their own rap session. That’s kinda sweet.

Sunday about noon there was still hubbub in the entrance, and people buying tickets.

For me, the best part of convention costumes is watching them mill around together.

Now this would be a great team-up movie!

More small children threatened by authoritarian costumes.

Draining shoes after the storm.

Everyone loved this Galactus.

Road trip in reverse!

Travel crew of Josh Frankel and Ed Catto.

Michael Mann was right, wet pavement makes the best photos. And so to bed.

  1. the larger than usual crowds on saturday blew me away. i scored the stan lee VIP tickets, got a couple of items signed by “the man” and went to his panel. i’ve never seen him speak in person before , so that was a real treat. another treat was scoring sketches from folks like colleen coover, ron frenz, and pat broderick, among others. the outside of the balt. convention center and inner harbor looked like an armed camp or some kind of prison with all the cement and fences that are up for the up coming grand prix race. another thing i noticed at the con was the large amount of kids attending with their parents. alot of the artist and cosplay folks seemed to be having a great time with them. i saw more than a few artists that charge an arm and a leg for a sketch whip up a sketch and hand it over to a kid free of charge. cool. i’d like to think that kids at conventions is a sign that comics will be around for a long time to come.

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