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Bagieu, Coin-Op, Shrestha and Chung win gold in MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence


I’m still putting together my MoCCA thoughts, but in the meantime, here are the winners of the fourth annual MoCCA Arts Festival Awards of Excellence, which are presented by a judging panel. I dont’ think nominees were ever announced, and I was given winner’s names only not the works they won for but I’ll update when I get more information.

This year’s judges included Josh O’Neill, Nick Bertozzi, Rutu Modan, Maelle Doliveux and  Joan Hilty, and in a new part of the process, the judging panel marched solemnly around the show floor, as crowded as it was on Saturday, and handed out awards to the winners.  I believe some other festivals handle awards this way and it certainly added an element of pageantry and spectacle to the process, although had the judged been clad in flowing, shimmering judges robes and ceremonial caperons it would hae been even more amazing. Perhaps next year.

Gold–Penelope Bagieu – California Dreamin’
Silver–Glynnis Fawkes – Greek Diary
Silver–Bob Sikoryak – Terms and Conditions
Gold–Peter and Maria Hoey – Coin-Op
Silver–John Malta – Living Land
Silver–Jasyyot Singh Hans
Gold–Anuj Shrestha
Silver–Siobhan Gallagher
Silver–Hayley Thornton Kennedy
Gold–Amanda Chung
Silver–AT Pratt – Mr. MiSocki Volume 1
Silver–Joy Ho


  1. Horrible. After the child-rape revelations about the Mamas and Papas, I cannot believe this book would be honored by anyone. What’s next? Will “Bill Cosby: American Patriot” be next year’s winner? Maybe “O.J. Simpson: America’s Greatest Husband”? *spits on floor in disgust*

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