Holidays are over, now the real work has begun. Unfortunately, we’re under the weather with the chest-crushing virus we’ve been avoiding for months and months. So posting will remain feeble for the next while.

In the meantime, thanks for the great 2006, everyone. It was a HUGE year for The Beat, what with the move from Comicon to Publishers Weekly. Thanks to John Vaccaro, Laura Ciporen, Cevin Bryerman and everyone else at Reed who made it such a smooth transition. JOhn left Reed a few weeks ago, but he was a huge help in getting this off the ground, and we wish him all the best in the future. Thanks also to Ron Croudy and his team for the design, and of course Sara Nelson, Karen Holt and the irreplaceable Calvin Reid.

And on the personal front, thanks to the home team: Zena, Ben, Amy, Sara, Dino, Sara 2, Trish, Elim, Ken R. (cat watcher extraordinaire, whose tireless duties made my travel possible), Jimmy, Amanda, Nelson, Frank 3, Scummy, Nick B., Dan, Lilly, Charles, Rick, Jah Furry, and the rest of the crew. Special thanks to Cindy the intern for not running away in horror. I am sure I am forgetting many people, so I’ll stop before I forget anyone else.

2006 had some sad moments, but I did get to meet Les Claypool, Amon Tobin and Gerard Butler within one four week period, so it wasn’t all bad. I traveled to places as exotic as Kansas City and Dublin, and saw Toronto and Charlotte for the first time. I survived the New York Comic-con for the first time and San Diego for the 20-somethingth.

We’ll be back after we’ve eaten more tom yung goong, with some thoughts on 2006 and what 2007 might bring.

[Image via DataJunkie]