Sniper-Bunny-Reg B
Vinyl Pulse is a pretty kick-ass blog that covers designer toys and related art movements. There’s a recent interview with our hero, artist Andrew Brandou, who has a show coming up this month at The Corey Helford Gallery in LA. Brandou talks about his “Sniper Bunny” toy.

The packaging for sniper bunny is integral as a bridge between my paintings and the toy, as well as being a narrative for the toy itself. On the surface, you have a California hillside home, with a few characters hanging around outside. As you peel away layers, you become a witness to a crime scene inside the home, and then you find yourself in the killer’s hideaway. The doll is there, like a child’s toy made by the family for one of their own.

Psychic Wars
Speaking of art, we were at a kick-ass opening at our favorite gallery, Jonathan Levine, where Mars-1 has a show calledAerodynamics for Psychonauts(above) and it’s quite hypnotic. Vinyl Pulse also has a write up on the three openings that night…check out the links, although some are NSFW.